If one lives life with a clear intention – either for one’s whole life or for parts of one’s life related to daily life activities and results one like to achieve – that filters through to all levels, all actions, all thoughts and feelings, then perfect health, inner peace and happiness will naturally unfold.

2020 – Has been a powerful Year for our Hunyuan Qi Therapy community – In many ways !

Here are a few: The power of the Qi field: Not only since the so called “Covid-19 pandemic” the world is under constant change and uncertainty. We as human beings are now even more confronted with what the professional world has already given a name for, calling it the new “VUCA world”. A world that […]

The Gift of working with Qi

Mary Morrison is a licensed acupuncture practitioner based in Washington D.C. in the USA.  In 2018 she embarked on a new journey to become a Hunyuan Qi Therapist, a journey that she herself describes as “life changing.”  Using her own words: “It has been a wonderful journey, just learning about how amazing the body is […]

Sharing the power of Hunyuan Qi Therapy at the first International Zhineng Qigong Science Conference

It’s a first – not only for us but also for the entire Zhineng Qigong community and people interested in raising their consciousness around the scientific aspects of holistic health and well-being:  From 28 – 30 August 2020 people from around the world will come together to “Unite, share and grow together” at the first […]

Interview with Hunyuan Qi Therapist Bianca: “Helping people, helping myself, it’s like a big, amazing journey”

This healing story is true inspiration and motivation, a personal journey showcasing how Zhineng Qigong can positively influence one’s life and the life of others. 38-year old teacher Bianca from Germany, mother of two young children, was diagnosed with a form of chronic fatigue.  After having had no success of getting better with the help […]