Terms and Conditions

Participation Commitment

The participant agrees with his/her commitment to the Hunyuan Qi Therapy Program to regularly participate in all events of the program. He/she also commits to a regularly and intensive practice routine to deepen the learning and understanding of the Hunyuan Qi | Zhineng Qigong Therapy treatment principles and methodes. Only under effort, practice and practice-time-intensity it will be possible, to gain the skills, attitude and mind-set to lift up one’s own life as well as be of the best support to others.

Payment Commitment

By registering for the Hunyuan Qi Therapy Program the participant agrees to pay a participation and tuition fee of total EUR 4,900 (excl. accommodation, meals and travel costs). The fee is payable either in one amount or in three installments. To start the program and receive your personal Program Guide, access to the self study material and first online programs, we ask you to pay a first installment of 1,700 EUR within 3 weeks after registration. The next installment of 1,600 EUR is to be paid no later than 6 months after registering for the program. The final installment of EUR 1,600 is due no later than 12 months after program registration. However, a minimum of two installments will have to be paid before being accepted for participation in the “On-Site Foundation Module”.


Training Location and Event Venue are subject to change.


By registering for this training program the participant is liable and responsible for his/her own health and any risks involved. It is advised that he/she contacts a doctor prior to registering if unsure about his/her own health status.
The participant remises, releases, and forever discharges Hunyuan Qi Therapy and its facilitators, namely the Body and Mind Factory including Britta Stalling and Life Qi Center including Master Yuantong Liu, as well as any other facilitators and participants of this event, their affiliated organizations, employees, and independent contractors, from any actions, claims, suits, damages, or judgments that may result from any injury (physical, mental, or emotional) or disturbance that he/she may sustain as a result of his/her participation in this program.