The world’s most comprehensive program on vital Hunyuan Qi Therapy

Based on the methods taught at the world’s first medicine less hospital

Two year educational program with flexible learning modules:
Online Modules | On-Site Modules | Self-Study Modules

Learn from Master Yuantong Liu,
one of the world’s leading Zhineng Qigong Masters

Cutting edge training documentation and multiple online modules

Modules designed to suit different study requirements

Certification process as a Hunyuan Qi Therapist

Warm up to the idea of becoming a

Health and Well-being Coach

in Hunyuan Qi Therapy

The flexible curriculum allows you to enrol at any time and create your own study plan, deciding yourself when to participate in what module and allowing for total flexibility. Create a study plan that suits your individual study requirements. Upon registration we will provide guidance with regards to certain prerequisites for participating in the modules.


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