Hunyuan is a specific term in the Zhineng Qigong science and means the uniting, integrating and transforming process of substances into a whole entity. Everything in the universe is formed through at least two things merging and transforming. Therefore, everything in the universe exists in this state of wholeness. The Hunyuan Qi is formed by the unification of the three substances: physical matter, Qi and information. All material has Hunyuan Qi within and around it. The Hunyuan Qi around a physical entity is called Hunyuan Qi field. The larger or denser the volume of material, the bigger and more concentrated it will be.

Hunyuan Qi field Theory

The three levels of substances of the entity – information, energy and physical matter – are harmonized and integrated into One Hunyuan Whole Entity. This is also called “Hunyuan Qi field”. Everything has its own field. Each one has all information, characteristics, functions and abilities of the entity. It is the holistic life of the entity. Within the Qi field of the thing, the information, energy and physical matter entities are always exchanging with each other, transforming into each other and balancing with each other. Together, they contact and interact with other objects in nature and follow the movements of nature.