To honour your commitment and dedication to the two-year journey, we provide an international Hunyuan Qi Therapist Certification.

The certification and completion process is endorsed by Master Yuantong Liu and the Life Qi Centre in Meishan, China.

It serves to certify your successful completion of the three training modules in Europe and China, as well as ongoing homework and personal assignments, the monthly online supervision sessions (live or recorded), the encounters and discussions with your chosen study partner and practical application of the Zhineng Qigong Hunyuan Qi Therapy methods.

You are completing this two-year journey either by:

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    Participating in all modules, online sessions and following through with the homework and reading material. At the end of the two years, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.
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    If you plan to apply Hunyuan Qi Therapy in a more professional capacity and context, you may want to apply for the international accreditation process. In this case, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement to become a Certified Hunyuan Qi Therapist. We will assess your skill level and knowledge and take the following into consideration:
  • Accomplishment of homework and personal assignments

  • Level of your own practice and progress

  • Healing results with either yourself or others

  • Support of others in their journey to wellbeing

  • Experience: Hunyuan Qi Therapy Session log demonstrating 50 hours of Hunyuan Qi Therapy with at least 20 clients

  • Demonstration of your skills

  • Being a role model (i.e. practising what you teach/share; active role within the international Hunyuan Qi Therapist Team)

  •  Passing the exam (including written test and video presentation on a specific topic)

What you'll learn

You will study the principles of holistic health and the requirements for true wellbeing,
as well as learn about the causes, processes and location of diseases and how to prevent them.

Comprehensive understanding of Qi healing

  • Techniques, skills and practical experience of Hunyuan Qi
  • Techniques, skills and practical experience of the Hunyuan Qi field theory
  • The secrets, theories and methods of Hunyuan Qi Therapy healing
  • Yi Yuan Ti specifics and theories
  • Meaning and methods of relaxation
  • Key attributes and transformational laws of life development

The importance of intention and consciousness

  • Set up and create a Qigong mindset and authentic lifestyle to match your growing self-awareness
  • Control your mind, body functions and emotions with consciousness
  • Activate your intuitive self and learn to scan and receive information about different aspects of clients’ problems (location, content, structure, etc.)
  • Increase your internal Qi to improve your own life and your ability to support others
  • Strengthen the Qi field functioning of the human body
  • Change your mode of thinking
  • New Point in Life Theories

Requirements for transformation from illness to health

  • Aspects of holistic health and requirements for genuine wellbeing
  • The reasons and processes of illness and the pathway it follows
  • Causes and location of diseases
  • Aspects of disease prevention
  • The power of information and gathering Qi
  • Transforming the negative into the positive
  • Release Heart Stones – how to open the mind and heart completely

Key distinctions between Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Physical and energetic anatomies based on the Zhineng Qigong perspective
  • Basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Basics of acupuncture points
  • Basics of the meridian system
  • Categories of illnesses

Setting up effective sessions with your clients

  • Content
  • Effective ways of being
  • Structure
  • Process
  • Mindset
  • Attitudes

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