Zhineng Qigong | Hunyuan Qi Therapy – Medicine-less Self-Health Care Center is now open close to Beijing, China

Just like ca. 3 decades ago, when people would be able to come to Zhineng Qigong | Hunyuan Qi Healing retreats in the so called Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Science Centre – also close to Bejing, it’s now possible to book 21 days healing retreats in the new Chao Yue Ren Zhineng Qigong Healing Centre. The Chao Yue Ren Zhineng […]

Registration is now open for the new Zhineng Qigong | Hunyuan Qi Therapy Healing Retreat in Hawaii, May 25 to June 3, 2018

We are doing it again! After a highly successful Zhineng Qigong | Hunyuan Qi Therapy Healing retreat in 2017 (see results in our blog of August 2017), we have partnered up again with Kokolulu Farm, Big Island, Hawaii and two of our certified Hunyuan Qi Therapists to share the knowledge, skills, methods and tools to support anyone […]

The latest Zhineng Qigong Worldwide Magazine is downloadable as a PDF

No matter where you are, you can now download the latest issue of the Zhineng Qigong Science Worldwide magazine and read the latest news packed with inspiring information, research and Hunyuan Qi Therapy healing stories. Enjoy! Zhineng Qigong Science Magazine Volume 2, 2017 Amongst other information, you will find a summary of the research done […]

We did it! The first Hunyuan Qi Therapists are certified!

What an amazing finish! While the studying continued in our third module of the unique Hunyuan Qi Therapists program, Master Yuantong Liu continued to share new theories, additional Hunyuan Qi methods, tools and healing approaches. We created wonderful results with real clients and had a lot of fun exploring the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. […]

Results of the Holistic Health Retreat in Hawi, Hawaii USA

This course was aimed at people who suffer from serious or chronic diseases. Participants were requested to bring copies of their most recent medical reports such as Ultrasounds, X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, etc. Lew and Karin Witney from Kokolulu Retreat Centre in co-operation with Zhineng Qigong Master Yuantong Liu and his team of international […]