Become a Health & Well-being Coach based on Hunyuan Qi Therapy

Top quality educational program

  • Flexible learning modules compromising of online, on-site and self-study modules
  • Training focus on theories, skills and practical approaches of Hunyuan Qi Therapy, Medical Qigong methods, health management and vital Qi theories
  • Based on the methods taught at the world’s first medicine-less hospital
  • Experience the roots of the secrets of Qi healing while deepening Hunyuan Qi Theories & Practice, Traditional Teachings, Daoism, TCM, etc.
  • Deepen your skills and knowledge in a medicine-less holistic health center environment and provide Hunyuan Qi Therapy treatment sessions with students of Zhineng Qigong Science retreats and health organizations – co-facilitated by certified Hunyuan Qi Therapists
  • Optional additional online sessions: Coaching, and mentoring under the guidance of Master Yuantong Liu and other Zhineng Qigong Masters (together with all teams of our international Hunyuan Qi Therapy community)

During The Program

In this journey, you will be studying the art and science of Hunyuan Qi Theories and Practice and be gaining a profound understanding of Zhineng Qigong. While the program will equip you with the skills to apply a variety of vital Qi healing methods for yourself and others, your success is also accompanied by a variety of ongoing support.

Your Hunyuan Qi Therapy Resources:

Join our top-quality educational program offering flexible learning modules, including online, on-site, and self-study options.

You will become part of a Hunyuan Qi Therapy community from all parts of the globe, with a refreshing diversity of backgrounds, talents and skills which will support you to create an extraordinary level of learning and progress.

What’s more, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the certification process, if you plan to practice Hunyuan Qi Therapy in a professional capacity.

The participation and tuition fee for the all of the above (excluding travel arrangements, accommodation and meals): 4,900 Euro

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