Covid-19 Recovery and Prevention from a Zhineng Qigong Science | Hunyuan Qi Therapy perspective

Zhineng Qigong-Immune-System

Hunyuan Qi Therapists share their experiences on how to effectively recover from, minimise the impact of and prevent contracting Covid-19 with the help of Zhineng Qigong Science

The global Covid-19 pandemic has left many people troubled with fear and worry about the virus, its symptoms, its consequences and the impact it has on social interaction.

While Western Medicine is trying to find ways to protect the global society from the worst focusing its research and treatment primarily on the physical matter, many holistic health and natural Qi energy-healing practitioners are looking for additional solutions.

During our last International Hunyuan Qi Therapy Team Meeting we asked our Hunyuan Qi Therapists how they have been dealing with Covid-19 infections: 

Can Hunyuan Qi Therapy support with Covid-19 recovery and prevention?  Can Zhineng Qigong practice help to keep one’s immune system healthy and strong?

It was a highly relevant topic for our team, so it was no surprise that the discussions were very engaging and inspiring as they shared their insights and personal experiences.  Those who had contracted the virus talked about how their own recovery process and others explained how they have been successfully supporting clients on their recovery journey and what kind of methods they practice to prevent contracting Covid-19 or other highly contagious viruses.

A certified Hunyuan Qi Therapist from Mexico elaborates:

“I have seen very good results working with clients with Covid-19.  When I share the practice of recharging lower Dantian Qi and strengthening the kidneys method with them, and I have only shared the first 3 sections of the method, people have recovered really fast.”

Another team member who only recently started his Hunyuan Qi Therapy training had contracted Covid shortly after being introduced to Zhineng Qigong.  He explains that it was during that time of recovery from Covid-19 when he truly discovered the power of the mind.  He reiterates the importance of confidence, trust and diligence when practicing.


Zhineng Qigong Practice


Master Yuantong Liu reminds that from a Zhineng Qigong Science perspective it is important to strengthen the immune system in a holistic way, and refer to the essence knowledge of the three levels of substance that – besides the physical matter – also includes the information substance as well as the energy substance.  In Zhineng Qigong Science five aspects of the immune system are considered: the consciousness immune system, the emotional hormones immune system, the body qi field (energy field) immune system, the membrane immune system and the physical body immune system. 

He reiterated that understanding the power behind one’s own skills to mobilize innate self-healing abilities and how to direct the consciousness and intention to ignite this power is priceless during challenging times like the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Master Liu emphasized that with regards to Covid-19 recovery or prevention, methods should not only focus on the lungs but include the whole body, all body parts, tissues and organs.  He recommends practicing the following methods while sending holistic health information to the entire body and all its body functions:

  • Chen Qi to improve the function of lungs and heart
  • La Qi to open up the meridian channels inside the body supporting the body functions to recover and rejuvenate.
  • Rolling the Spine to open the lower back and stimulate Qi flow in the whole body releasing all Qi blockages
  • Turning the Pelvis to gather Qi into the lower dantian, thus strengthening kidneys and lungs

Master Liu points out that besides a clear health intention it is key to remain calm, keep emotions in peace, relax the body’s nervous system and nourish the inner organs. 

He explains

“If the functions of the chemical reactions in the hormone system of the whole body are normal and strong, we will recover or prevent it effectively.  The inner organs’ Qi in the body supports these chemical activities.  These functions can transform the toxins into healthy Qi and release them from the body.  We consciously let our YYT harmonise with our inner organs Qi.”

He therefore recommends to practice the “5 Zhang Organs Nourishment” method as well, considering that the emotional hormone system nourishes the collective organs of the body.



Master Liu further explained that the following steps should be followed to prepare for an effective Hunyuan Qi Therapy treatment – either for oneself or for a client:

  1. Organise a healing Qi field
  2. Set up a clear health intention with full trust, no worry or fear
  3. Enter a state of relaxation, bring all emotions into a state of great harmony. Our nervous system is in a state of deep relaxation. The mind becomes clear and strong.
  4. Then do the practice

A Hunyuan Qi Therapist from the Netherlands shared a recent distant healing success and pointed out the importance of a healthy body Qi field as a protective layer of our body, acting as a natural vaccine against the virus.  She explained that she successfully supported the recovery of a client who was in ICU by including the intensive care ward in the Yi Yuan Ti Meditation, imagining the ward to be part of his body Qi field.

If a Qi field is very powerful, all surrounding information can be transformed. Good information can be transformed to life Qi, absorbed and bring the body into an advanced perfection state. Undesired information can be transformed and released out into nature.

Be inspired by some of the experiences our therapists shared on the topic:

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In 2022 Master Liu will offer a 3-week online program focusing on the topic “The Immune System according to Zhineng Qigong”.  If you are interested in this highly relevant topic of a vital and strong immune system in the context of true health, then please watch this space for more details or send us a mail to so we can send you the information on time.