The Fundamentals of Hunyuan Qi Therapy

Supporting yourself and others on the journey to true well-being is one of life’s most rewarding endeavors

For this journey, Zhineng Qigong Hunyuan Qi Therapy is unique in the world. The profound Qi energy and information substance self-health care system is recognized as arguably the most effective natural energy-healing modalities on the planet. Master Yuantong Liu is among the few trained Zhineng Qigong Masters ready to share the once only accessible to a privileged few discipline of Hunyuan Qi Therapy with aspirant Qi Therapists and health and well-being coaches in the West.

Unique in the World

The Hunyuan Qi Therapy training will be held online and if travel restrictions allow – on two continents over a period of two years.

It is recognized in China as the most advanced system of holistic health and wellbeing, and while its methods were only made accessible to a privileged few in China for many years, it is now being taught around the world by Master Yuantong Liu. He specifically designed the Hunyuan Qi Therapist Training for students interested in this system dedicated to the principles of evolution, regeneration and holistic health transformation to become a Health and Wellbeing Coach for themselves and others.


There are 2 ways of participating in the program

You can complete this two-years journey either by:


  • Option 1: Participating in all modules, online sessions and following through with the homework and reading material. At the end of the two years, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.


  • Option 2: If you plan to apply Hunyuan Qi Therapy in a more professional capacity and context, you may want to apply for the international accreditation process. In this case, we will assess your skill level and knowledge. You will receive a Certificate of Achievement to become a Certified Hunyuan Qi Therapist.


Our life Intention is like a teacher, who supports us to live our life in an upright way. It helps us to transform darkness into light, living and enjoying the bright side of our life.    –  Master Yuantong Liu

Module 1 – Two Parts

Part I Online and Part II in Cyprus (EU)

September 3 – 15, 2021

Part I of Module I: Training online via Zoom


October 30 to November 9, 2021 (Arrival October 29)

Part II of Module I: Person-to-Person Training in Cyprus (EU)

Module 1 – Two Parts

Part I Online and Part II in Cyprus (EU)

Based on the very positive feedback we have received from our Hunyuan Qi Therapy intake in May, we have decided to offer a second group the chance to begin the Hunyuan Qi Therapy Program with Module 1 still this year!

Selected feedback we have received so far about the online part of Module 1:

“The program with all the participants, Master Liu an Britta has been completely enriching and empowering my daily life. I review my life intention to an extend I have never done before. (…) The program has exceeded my expectations and I look forward to other abilities I will discover inside of me.”

“It’s been an outstanding and empowering experience so far and seeing how effective the initial healing method is with people outside the program has been great.”

“I enjoyed the community very much, the quality of the teachings, the different of aspects of it, the mix of practice and theory.”


If you like to join a group of amazing, inspiring and enthusiastic people from different parts of Europe, the USA, Singapore and South Africa, please find below the details about our second Intake for the Module I Training, starting this September!

If travel restrictions and regulations allow, you will meet the other therapists who started their training in May and continue from here powerfully as one united Hunyuan Qi Therapy Team 6 in Cyprus (EU) in November, 2021.

Cyprus is dominated by APHRODITES, the legendary goddess of the island par excellance. Being the third largest Mediterranean island with over 300 Sundays a year, Cyprus looks back on a more than 10,000 years old cultural history and so the island of love offers all art and culture lovers as well as all sun worshipers a relaxing, interesting and unique stay. Full of woods and evergreen, with fantastic, extensive beaches in front of a bright blue sea and the legendary hospitality of its inhabitants make Cyprus a special holiday experience.

Our retreat center is a charming Beach Hotel located away from the hustle and bustle, right on a fine pebbly beach with sparkling water. Our host, who has learned the hotelfach in Switzerland, her family and the entire crew make it easy for us to enjoy, relax and enjoy this little paradise with all our senses. All guests are spoiled here with Cypriot warmth and a wonderful and loving comfort.

Meals are taken on the terrace with view of the sea: in the mornings with view over the turquoise sea, in the evenings with the sunset and glittering lights. The mostly cypriot dishes are prepared daily and fresh. The abundant and varied buffet offers a great selection for vegetarians, as well as lovers of meat and fish. During the day you can go into one of the many town taverns that are located nearby and have a small snack or also fresh fish and meat.

Our workshop room is large with excellent sea views and a warm, wooden floor.

This is a perfect place for continuing into our 2 years Hunyuan Qi Therapy training and journey.

Skills, Abilities, Methods and Theory Training

From our programs in Europe

Module 2 – China

Program Dates 2021-2023

Module 2

June 11 to June 24, 2022 (Arrival June 10)

Module 2

Qingcheng Mountain – China


If travel regulations allow, we will continue with our program in China. The module 2 in China provides a rare opportunity to experience the birthplace and home of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and will root your understanding in Zhineng Qigong’s origins.

You will meet Master Liu as well as other inspirational Zhineng Qigong masters, while insights into Traditional Chinese Medicine, the meridian system, a broad foundation in Zhineng Qigong science and deep practice will support you in your progress.

This module will take place in the Qingcheng Mountains (Chengdu), China.

Honored as World Cultural Heritage, Mount Qingcheng is one of the famous cradles of Taoism and holy land in China. It is named for the location in green and quiet forest throughout the year, which also wins its reputation of Mount Qingcheng being the most secluded Land in the World.

Mount Qingcheng is one of the four famous Taoist mountains in China. Together with Dujiangyan Irrigation System, it’s listed as World Heritage Site in 2000. Mount Qingcheng has enjoyed a reputation of Serenest Mountain under Heave since ancient time. The whole mountain is covered with evergreen forest all year round, and thus it gets this name “Qingcheng” mountain, which literally translated as “mountain of green”.

Mount Qingcheng is also a famous Taoist mountain for it’s one of the cradles of Chinese Taoism. The founder of Taoism – Zhao Daoling thought the tranquil and serene natural scenery of Mount Qingcheng was suitable for the development and prosperity of Taoism, thus, Mount Qingcheng had been listed as the “fifth Taoist fairyland” in China. Over a dozen of Taoist temples were built according to the topographical features of the mountain with the Tianshi Celestial Cave as their center. Mount Qingcheng has a great historical and artistic value in researching the Taosim philosophy of China.

This is the right environment for a magical completion of Module 2 of the Hunyuan Qi Therapy journey!

Please note, if there are further travel restrictions in place, we will either hold this module training in Europe or online.

Skills, Abilities, Methods and Theory Training

From our China programme

Module 3 – Austria


Program Dates 2021-2023

Module 3

May 18 to May 31, 2023 (Arrival May 17)

Module 3

Austria (EU)




Venue to be confirmed

There is a growing community of Zhineng Qigong Science and Hunyuan Qi Therapists in Austria! So, this is the right environment for a magical completion of our 2-years Hunyuan Qi Therapy journey! Here you will deepen your skills, abilities and knowledge and do Hunyuan Qi Therapy treatment sessions with external clients participating in a Hunyuan Qi Therapy Holistic Health retreat. This module will boost your confidence by encouraging you to apply the Hunyuan Qi Therapy methodologies as much as possible.

Skills, abilities, methods and theory Training