Hunyuan Qi Therapy Program

Unique in the world

For this journey, Zhineng Qigong Hunyuan Qi Therapy is unique in the world. The profound Qi energy and information substance self-health care system is recognized as arguably the most effective natural energy-healing modalities on the planet. Master Yuantong Liu is among the few trained Zhineng Qigong Masters ready to share the once only accessible to a privileged few discipline of Hunyuan Qi Therapy with aspirant Qi Therapists and health and well-being coaches in the West.

He specifically designed the Hunyuan Qi Therapist Training for students interested in this system dedicated to the principles of evolution, regeneration and holistic health transformation to become a Health and Wellbeing Coach for themselves and others.

Become a successful Health and Well-being Coach with our unique 7 steps approach

Get to the next level of consciousness to support others!

Unlock Mysteries

Holistic Qi healing
Solid theory foundation

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Apply scientifically proven methods
Support others in their health and well-being

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Variety of effective practice methods based on Zhineng Qigong

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Increase your own vitality and energy level
Live your full potential and purpose

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New level of confidence, trust and awareness
create a bigger vision of yourself and being contribution to others

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Strong resource and support
International like-minded colleagues and friends

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Gain new ideas how to market and position
yourself with your own Qi therapy service

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Our life Intention is like a teacher, who supports us to live our life in an upright way. It helps us to transform darkness into light, living and enjoying the bright side of our life.   

–  Master Yuantong Liu  – 

Upcoming Dates 2023 – 2024

Please find below an overview of the dates set for 2023. The flexible curriculum allows you to enrol at any time and create your own study plan, deciding yourself when to participate in what module and allowing for total flexibility. Create a study plan that suits your individual study requirements.

On-site Modules

  • April 30- May 13, 2023 (Arrival April 29): Module On-Site 1: Foundation *
    Venue: Cyprus (EU)
  • October 20 – November 2 2024 (Arrival Oct 19): Module On-site 2: Completion & Certification
    Venue: Austria (EU)


More information about the on-site modules


Online Modules

  • Sept 1 -20, 2023:  “The Five Immune Systems in Zhineng Qigong”
  • December 1 – 20, 2023: “Ancient Wisdom – Zhineng Qigong Level 1”
  • March 1-20, 2024: “Hunyuan Qi Therapy Fundamentals”
  • Each module: Training days: Fri (2 hrs), Sat (3 hrs), Mon (1,5 hrs) and Wed (1,5 hrs)


More information about the online modules


Self-study material

Multi-media packages including Audio, Video and reading material – to be enjoyed in your own time and space 

  • What is true health?
  • Zhineng Qigong Level 1
  • The power of consciousness
  • The meridian system of the body
More information about the self-study modules

Optional Advanced Training in China

Every 2 years we are offering a three-week advanced training option in China compromising of 2 weeks advanced Hunyuan Qi Therapy Training and a one week cultural tour providing a rare opportunity to experience the birthplace and home of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  This training will root your understanding in Zhineng Qigong’s origins.

More details to be announced. First advanced training is planned for June 2024