Hunyuan Qi Therapy and Zhineng Qigong is a life practice that inexorably leads to improved holistic health and well-being, an experience of inner peace, balance, joy and the flowering of inherent wisdom.

Hunyuan Qi Therapy as part of Zhineng Qigong Science practice requires a solid theoretical understanding of the three aspects of universal life. They inhere in all substances and explain the natural and conscious principles of the universe. Original Hunyuan Qi fills the entire universe and is formed by the unification of physical matter, the energy field substance and information. This effectively becomes an evolutionary force.


Internal and external Hunyuan Qi

Everything has its own Hunyuan Qi – with some qualitative differentiation between types. In Hunyuan Qi Therapy we practise with the human Hunyuan Qi and the primal Hunyuan Qi of nature. The accumulation of Qi nourishes the body and helps balance the emotions and cultivate the mind. Zhineng Qigong therefore emphasises the exercise of internal Hunyuan Qi as well as the absorption of external primal Hunyuan Qi. This can be converted into internal Qi through special practices combined with the power of intention. When internal Hunyuan Qi is sufficient and plentiful, the vital functions and abilities of the human body are strengthened and physical diseases abate. An abundance of internal Hunyuan Qi is effective in curing and preventing illness, improving physical, emotional and mental health. You can even develop paranormal intelligence.

Zhineng Qigong does not treat only the symptoms of disease, but addresses maladies at their root. Its approach is therefore both holistic and scientifically proven.

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In the mid-80s Dr. Pang Ming pioneered the so-called “Qi field technique” and started to teach it. The “Qi field theory” (mentioned separately) is based on the understanding of a vast field of universal energy and information where we can learn to “tune in to” and using our own consciousness to direct this energy and information into our body, mind and soul. 


Hunyuan Qi Therapy in Practice

Applying Hunyuan Qi Therapy consists of 2 parts. On the one hand, external treatments can be given by the therapist who creates a powerful Qi field and sends positive information – either to oneself or to another person. On the other hand, the trained Qi therapist shares and facilitates selected, effective Zhineng Qigong methods and meditations to promote mental strength, physical fitness, emotional balance and activation of one’s own self-healing abilities. You can easily practice these independently in everyday life. Practical exercises provided follow the movements of nature: opening and absorbing, collecting and letting go, integrating and transforming. When your own ‘battery’ is empty, it’s harder to follow these natural principles. However, if you integrate these exercises into your life, you will experience more vitality and higher energy levels and be more inspired to make positive decisions. You will also find new ways of living and strengthen your own stamina in difficult situations.


How a Hunyuan Qi Therapy (HYQT) sessions looks like

An empowering HYQT session includes a conversation about your intention and what issues you would like to resolve. The atmosphere of a session is very relaxed, open and natural. This is the best environment for the healing Qi and information to create an effect. The Hunyuan Qi Therapist will work with you on these four levels to help you reach your healing intention:

  • Strengthening the functions of your body Qi field
  • Restoring and strengthening the functions of the Qi and blood-exchange pathways
  • Changing and transforming negative emotional states, limiting thought processes and behavioural patterns to evolve into building up a strong inner state of positive polarity, joy, harmony, balance and upright thoughts and emotions
  • Strengthening the functions of your membrane system

HYQT involves healing the body’s membrane function and strengthening the membrane system. Improving the membrane system will improve health naturally, as all organs, cells, bones, etc. are connected by the membrane system. The membrane system functions as a pathway through which materials for survival are transported. This is also considered a “Qi-exchange pathway”.


Benefits of Hunyuan Qi Therapy Sessions

HYQT sessions can help you heal more effectively. They can also improve the efficacy of medication and other medical treatments such as surgery. After the therapy session, most people report positive sensations such as feeling light, peaceful, relaxed and happy. Often symptoms are relieved straight away. Your Hunyuan Qi Therapist will also advise you on specific Zhineng Qigong methods and exercises to practice at home to progress more effectively. Hunyuan Qi Therapy, combined with your own Zhineng Qigong practice, will accelerate your progress and can also help with conditions where the support of Western medicine has been limited. 


‘Nature as last resort Qigong and its use to combat fatal illnesses’

Watch the inspiring interview ‘Nature as last resort Qigong and its use to combat fatal illnesses’ with Prof. Dr. Pang below. Dr Pang Ming discusses Zhineng Qigong, the Hua’Xia Zhineng Qigong Center and his work on healing people with a variety of illnesses. He mentions key practices and the fundamentals of Hunyuan Qi Therapy. This is an interview of Dr Pang Ming read by co-founder of the Hunyuan Qi Therapy program Britta Stalling and Zhineng Qigong teacher John Millar. The stunning video with visuals form the medicine-less hospital was created by the Zhineng Qigong Student’s Hub in collaboration with the Hunyuas and The Qigong Academy.



Prof. Dr. Pang Ming on ”Master the laws of life”:

“We emphasize movement as a basis of cultivation … Concentrate your consciousness, that’s good enough. Focus on your feeling, awareness, consciousness, and spirit; eliminate the confused, fuzzy, weak, or negative. The result is you become a master of your own life, not a slave of the material world.”