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2020 – Has been a powerful Year for our Hunyuan Qi Therapy community – In many ways !

Here are a few: The power of the Qi field: Not only since the so called “Covid-19 pandemic” the world is under constant change and uncertainty. We as human beings are now even more confronted with what the professional world has already given a name for, calling it the new “VUCA world”. A world that […]

The Gift of working with Qi

Mary Morrison is a licensed acupuncture practitioner based in Washington D.C. in the USA.  In 2018 she embarked on a new journey to become a Hunyuan Qi Therapist, a journey that she herself describes as “life changing.”  Using her own words: “It has been a wonderful journey, just learning about how amazing the body is […]

Sharing the power of Hunyuan Qi Therapy at the first International Zhineng Qigong Science Conference

It’s a first – not only for us but also for the entire Zhineng Qigong community and people interested in raising their consciousness around the scientific aspects of holistic health and well-being:  From 28 – 30 August 2020 people from around the world will come together to “Unite, share and grow together” at the first […]

Interview with Hunyuan Qi Therapist Bianca: “Helping people, helping myself, it’s like a big, amazing journey”

This healing story is true inspiration and motivation, a personal journey showcasing how Zhineng Qigong can positively influence one’s life and the life of others. 38-year old teacher Bianca from Germany, mother of two young children, was diagnosed with a form of chronic fatigue.  After having had no success of getting better with the help […]

Healing Retreat in Hawaii with Reyna and Alfie who live their life intention supporting people to activate their self-healing abilities with Hunyuan Qi Therapy

“May you live all the days of your life” by Jonathan Swift is Reyna’s favourite quote.  Those who had the opportunity to meet and spend time with Reyna will know that this quote describes her vision and life intention very well. Hunyuan Qi Therapist Reyna Lerma together with her husband Alfie, under the umbrella of their […]

Forest Bathing as a healing bath for body and mind

„Forest Bathing“ or „Shinrin-Yoku“, using the official Japanese term, describes the conscious experience of the forest and its healing effects on body and mind. “Bathing in the forest” and soaking up all its soothing properties like a sponge, is referred to as “Forest-Therapy”. It was developed in the 80s and has since become a cornerstone of Japan’s […]