Zhineng Qigong | Hunyuan Qi Therapy – Medicine-less Self-Health Care Center is now open close to Beijing, China

Just like ca. 3 decades ago, when people would be able to come to Zhineng Qigong | Hunyuan Qi Healing retreats in the so called Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Science Centre – also close to Bejing, it’s now possible to book 21 days healing retreats in the new Chao Yue Ren Zhineng Qigong Healing Centre.

The Chao Yue Ren Zhineng Qigong Healing Centre is specialized in sharing the most effective tools, methods and approaches in self-health-care management which exists on this planet. The Retreats will either be hold in a small village close to Beijing or on Bama, Southern Guangxi, China.

During a 21 days retreat,  you will be able to

  • Learn how to effectively apply and benefit from the most unique self-health care management tools which exist in this world
  • Study the art and science of Zhineng Qigong for recovery and self-healing
  • Receive Hunyuan Qi Therapy treatment from some of the most advanced Zhineng Qigong Masters who have been trained directly under Dr. Pang Ming, the founder of Zhineng Qigong Science
  • Practice some of the most effective ways to activate the body’s self- healing abilities
  • All methods and tools can be continued to be practiced back home
  • If needed, there are doctors available who can treat with Chinese and|or Western medicine
  • Results can be measured with medical equipment

Estimated Costs per stay:

Accommodation: approx. 360 Yuan per day for single room accommodation
Food: incl. in teaching | treatment costs
Teaching: incl. in treatment costs
Costs for Hunyuan Qi Therapy treatments by Zhineng Qigong Master(s):
• Cancer|Tumours|Cysts: approx. 2.000 Yuan per day
• Chronic disease such as Parkinson, MS:approx. 1.500 Yuan per day
• High blood pressure|Diabetis|other not so serious illnesses: approx. 1.000 Yuan per day
• Minor symptoms and illness conditions: approx. 500 Yuan per day

For tumor patients the price is negotiable if they use non-surgical intervention therapy.

Translation into English: please check with Lynn, if an English speaking Zhineng Qigong Master is available and otherwise price for translation will be given upon request

All above costs are the same for Chinese and other nationalities alike.

Whereas we recommend a minimum stay of 21 days, the length of your stay can be flexible, e.g. you can choose to visit the The Chao Yue Ren Zhineng Qigong Healing Centre only for one or two weeks or you can stay for one month, two month or even longer.

For more information, kindly contact:

Mr Mu: Tel +86 189 311 30576

Miss Lynn Han: Tel +86 176 006 61723 – Mail: qingyumumu@163.com