Healthy organs, happy emotions, peaceful mind

Five Zang Organs Hunyuan Method chanting as part of the Hun Yuan Qi Therapy (and shared in our module 3 of the program) supports you to induce your vital life Qi by
• Powerful finger mudras
• Using your full mind’s potential
• Applying sound vibration

As you know, our physical body has its own self-health care abilities. Our organs, e.g. the liver, spleen, heart, kidneys and lungs can regenerate themselves according to the natural and self-initiative abilities of our body.

Through the practice of Five Zang Organs Chanting your emotions are balanced and a state of inner harmony, joy and peace is naturally developed.

You learn to adjust emotions such as fear, anger or worries and bring them under your mind’s control so you can transform them into nourishing Qi.

 Also related organs to the five Zang organs and body functions such as stomach, tendons, intestines, bladder, tendons, blood vessels, muscles, skin and bones are nourished.

The Qi you are inducing is of higher quality than the physical inner organs and body parts. It is very pure and represents the vital Qi of your holistic life.

 On the mental level you will experience a deep level of relaxation, quietness, will power, joy and a deep connection to your life purpose and intention.

In fact, it is a very powerful way to improve your health and the functions abilities of your body. Among other great effects, your immune system will become very strong!