Interview with Program Co-creator Britta Stalling

Britta and Master Yuantong Liu, an experienced Qigong Master, are the organisers and facilitators of the Hun Yuan Qi Therapy programme. Britta shared her own profound experience with Zhineng Qigong as well as key insights about the programme with ZQ Science Magazine.

Please tell us how Zhineng Qigong came to be a part of your life and your experience with Zhineng Qigong?
By chance, Zhineng Qigong came into my life 12 years ago. A colleague of our former training and consulting company recommended a one-day workshop to me, because she thought this approach would complement our leadership and coaching principles. So, one month before I moved to Cape Town, South Africa, without any prior knowledge, curious and open, I drove to Dortmund (within Germany) and had my first glimpse into Zhineng Qigong. At the end of that day, one of the instructors waved goodbye to me and said: “Britta, one day you’ll bring Zhineng Qigong to South Africa!” I remember smiling to myself as at that time, I didn’t even know if I would manage to practice the exercises every day! Looking back, I am always amazed how her suggestion came true and how much more happened because of Zhineng Qigong. Also, I’m still surprised that I was indeed able to practice every day, only with the CD I took along. I had no access to further instructions, as there was no one in Cape Town who knew Zhineng Qigong and there was hardly any material on the worldwide web. As you can imagine, moving to a new country, starting a new business, brings new challenges and can be rather stressful. But through Zhineng Qigong I was peaceful, joyful and suddenly I started receiving feedback from people whom I had met in January 2005 and again in February or March who would say things like, “Wow Britta! What’s happening, you’re kind of changing” or “You’re more relaxed.” I was intrigued by this positivity, and so I started a teachers training course. I wanted to go to the source as soon as possible and learn from Chinese masters so 1 year later, I went to China for the first time. When I finished training, I went back to China several times but also started to share with people in SA and Germany.

Why did you start sharing in Germany?
I started sharing in Germany because of the incredible healing my mother experienced. I shared Zhineng Qigong with my mother, other family members, friends and colleagues when I first started experiencing the benefits myself. Since then, my mother had recovered from decades of diverse illnesses. It truly was a miracle! My mother’s friends, neighbours, colleagues were astonished and wanted to know more and so I had my first workshop in Germany for my mother’s network of people. Since then I’ve continued building and developing the Zhineng Qigong and Hun Yuan Qi Therapy community in Germany and SA.

Who is the Hun Yuan Qi therapy programme for?
Our HYQT programme is for people who want to use it to improve their own health, guided by high level Zhineng Qigong masters. It’s also for people interested in sharing with others, be it family, friends, colleagues, or if they run therapy or doctor’s practices themselves and want to enhance their healing methodology skills for their clients. This programme is the place to learn the unique secrets of Hun Yuan Qi Therapy and energy healing, and already after the first module, you are well equipped to apply the skills you’ve learned.

How did the vision behind the Hun Yuan Qi therapy programme come about?
I participated in a 3 week HYQT workshop in 2011 with Master Yuantong Liu in Meishan, China, together with a group of international students from all over the world. It felt like in those 3 weeks, Master Liu was sharing everything he knew, 24 hours a day: secrets, methodologies, theory and application techniques. It was very intensive. I came home and shared it with anyone that was interested. I helped 10 or 12 people with diverse issues and was extremely successful. One person had a back problem for months and after 1 session, she could stand up easily, even dance! Another person wanted to climb Table Mountain in Cape Town but had a knee problem. After 1 session he climbed it! I was so excited about these positive healing stories and shared them with my husband who said something like, “This is amazing! You have a 100% success rate!” This really got me to thinking, how are my client and I achieving these successes? Since the 3 week programme I was still in touch with various Masters but at the same time, felt that I couldn’t go back and ask about my experiences. I didn’t have a mentor or peer group and so I felt a bit alone. A few months later I met with Master Liu, and we discussed how if I were in program with peers and mentors on an ongoing basis, I would achieve even more success and help more people heal. Liu at the same time had been thinking about how effective the 3-week workshop had been and how it would be even more effective and beneficial to run such a programme but over a longer period. So together we realised we could team up and create this Hun Yuan Qi Therapy Programme. I would do the organising, facilitating, mentoring, creating material, and Master Liu would run the workshops, teach, share, facilitate and mentor. It was a perfect match!

There really do seem to be so many benefits to this programme and different things to take from it. What are your thoughts on this?
Yes, HYQT is a holistic approach. It’s a self-discovery programme, exploring the mental, physical and emotional realm of a person. Together we discover your life intention, your purpose, your unique expression of yourself. One example of what I’m talking about: a participant realised she wanted to assist people in the dying process through Zhineng Qigong. Her wish was and is to make this process for the people and family members more peaceful, loving, and fulfilling. When she first joined us, this wasn’t her intention, but after 1 year in the programme, she discovered her new passion. She’s also training others with HYQT to assist her in her vision. HYQT is about having an open heart and mind to new opportunities. People who are open will grab new opportunities they may not have thought about before.

This interview first appeared in ZQ Science Magazine.