2020 – Has been a powerful Year for our Hunyuan Qi Therapy community – In many ways !

Here are a few:

The power of the Qi field:

Not only since the so called “Covid-19 pandemic” the world is under constant change and uncertainty. We as human beings are now even more confronted with what the professional world has already given a name for, calling it the new “VUCA world”. A world that is characterized by Volatility, i.e. of constant and unpredictable changes, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.

So, spending now so much time at home, it seems even more important to support our home Qi field with abundant positive information and energy. A positive environment nourished by Qi has a supportive effect on finding creative solutions for our everyday life, harmonizing relationships and creating a strong foundation for courage and inspired actions while dealing with change. You can include all family relationships – also the ones living outside your physical home – all living beings, your destinies, your health, personal fulfillment, professional success, inspiration, creativity, vital energy, joy, contentment etc. By sending powerful, positive information and also increasing the actual practice time at home, our Qi field at home grows stronger and stronger, week by week, month by month. The result is tangible, make sure you are aware of the new, amazing achievements and concrete results for the whole family!

It can be: job changes to the better, improved relationships among specific family members, more joy and happiness, improving business results despite the economic challenges, improved health & well-being etc.

You might find the power of the Hunyuan Qi Therapy | Zhineng Qigong success formula is real: where the mind goes, the Qi follows to flow! Intention and practice is key…

…which leads us to…

The power of intention:

A few weeks into the start of our new “home retreat”, we had to realize and accept, that international traveling was not possible for a while. This also meant that we could not facilitate our beloved Hunyuan Qi Therapy retreats, which were planned in the weeks of May and June. We had to reschedule 3 different groups, including our certification group and the new team which was supposed to start in June. With an open mind and heart, we started a discussion: How could we share the essence of Zhineng Qigong Science and Hunyuan Qi Therapy online in a meaningful way with our growing community worldwide? We quickly agreed on our new vision:

“During these special times, it is a great opportunity to bring yourself back to your own inner home. You are invited to connect deep inside with yourself – with your own heart and mind – to allow your true-self to wake up and ignite recovery, rejuvenation, vitality, inspiration, motivation and overall well-being from within. Being compassionate and free to open your heart and mind com­pletely encouraging an intention for the world to recover and unite as one family and one heart. We would like to bring the essence of Zhineng (Wisdom) Qigong Science as a life changer and hope to everyone. We are together to heal, grow and progress. By uniting our forces, we build a powerful and strong Qi field for ourselves, for protection, prevention and overall well-being of our families, children, colleagues, communities, economy, nature, environment, planet earth and overall for the whole human society.”


Said and done. The whole creation process was less than four weeks, from starting the discussion, aligning on the content, creating the program, designing the slides, flyer, finalizing the schedule and marketing it. We did not think too much, we just focused on creating it with joy and positive intention and anticipation. In our first program, we focused on sharing 5 important aspects of strengthening the human immune system which goes beyond the Western Medicine idea, followed by sharing the essence of Zhineng Qigong Level 1. It was so well received and so much joy! 96% of our participants perceived the program as extremely relevant to current challenges in their lives. 95% participants perceived the methods and meditations in the program as highly effective. That inspired us to create new programs, among them the “Life Changer Self-healing” and “Life Changer presents Hunyuan Qi Therapy Fundamentals”.

Over the months, we have reached out to hundreds of people in our network to benefit from the teachings, methods, discussions and practices. We have brought two of the programs to our Spanish and German speaking community. What this experience has taught me? If your intention is strong enough, possibilities are abundant. New doors open quickly, new teachers and partners join in at the right time. The intention is like a lighthouse, guiding you to inspired actions, manifesting what is true to your heart and finding new ways, should the “old roads” be blocked. Being agile, adapting to changes quickly, co-creating and evolving is an easy process, if you are guided by your intention. You can overcome any kind of challenge, as your intention is providing the necessary vital life force supporting you to co-create, evolve, progress and manifest what is important for you.  

The power of community and team work

– you never walk alone, even in your most lonely “home retreat” times  Of course, as anyone else this year, we are missing quality time with our family and friends, but we also discovered that meeting online via Zoom in a powerful Qi field is as nourishing as meeting in person. We all have been exposed to learning new ways to meet up this year. When we discuss, practice together and share a similar intention and vision, it does not matter where we are and if we meet in person. The sense of community and teamwork is built up independently from geographic distances. In the peak of the first Corona wave in May and June, we started to meet in our Hunyuan Qi Therapy community to practice together and learn from each other on a weekly basis. How empowering! How much inspiration each of us shared! How much we did learn from each other! Such great wisdom in our community – wow!

The power of creativity

We all have an innate ability to be creative. The meaning of creativity is: the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness. Well, the world stopped moving in a way we were used to it, so adapting to it and allowing innovation to create new ways to evolve and grow further is indeed needed. During the toughest “lock-down” times, when we stayed home day by day, you can try and stimulate creation by e.g. learning something new, staying positive and not influenced by the growing negative information conveyed in the media; not allowing fear to creep in and counting your blessings! Appreciating your home and start a Feng Sui process to clean and clear the house, thus improving its energy field! Appreciating your family members, appreciating your Hunyuan Qi Therapy friends and fellow Zhineng Qigong practitioners, appreciating your health, your well-being, your life experiences, the abundant possibilities you are blessed to enjoy etc. …

…which leads us to…

The power of appreciation

– As students and practitioners of Hunyuan Qi Therapy and Zhineng Qigong, we hear again and again from our beloved Zhineng Qigong Masters from China: “Whatever happens, nothing wrong!” or “All is well and perfect – Hao-la!” or “Enjoy life and experience joy in every moment, this is the real state of inner peace, human beings are longing for.”

This year has been a teacher for all of us to accelerate the progress in mastering this skill. When you start to accept, nothing can be predicted and nothing can be planned on a long term anymore, you appreciate what is happening in the present moment and how you can continue to co-create and evolve out of these precious moments and literally out of nothing. Being in a state of appreciation, the heart is filled with joy and possibilities arise. Staying home, month after month, little things, which we already took for granted, would raise in value. The delicious organic fruit and vegetables we could still buy from our farmers’ market – wow! The blessing of having a nice home and being able to work from home – wow! Being grateful that your business is still enough to keep the team members on board – great! After a few months of standing still, clients suddenly come back – a miracle! The power of appreciation is pure magic and a skill we can all develop and master! Just do it