The Gift of working with Qi

Mary Morrison is a licensed acupuncture practitioner based in Washington D.C. in the USA.  In 2018 she embarked on a new journey to become a Hunyuan Qi Therapist, a journey that she herself describes as “life changing.”  Using her own words:

“It has been a wonderful journey, just learning about how amazing the body is and how the body can heal.  (…) it has changed my life tremendously and that is personally as well as for my acupuncture practice.”

From the moment she joined the therapy program she felt a desire to combine acupuncture and Qigong and has since introduced Zhineng Qigong classes and Qi healing at her practice, following her vision to support people in restoring their true holistic health on all levels – physical, emotional and mental.

But what does Qi Healing mean?  What is Qi? 

For many people who are not familiar with Qigong and are used to referencing to Western medicine,  this term is not self-explanatory.  Grandmaster Dr Pang Ming, who developed Zhineng Qigong as a synthesis of many ancient lineages of Chinese healing practices, subdivides Qi into three groups:

  • Primeval Hunyuan Qi – the most fundamental substrate of the universe. Everything in the universe evolved from this.
  • Hunyuan Qi – the informational content of all objects in the universe. Everything in the universe has its own nonlocal, holistic information substructure.
  • Yi Yuan Ti – the Qi of the central nervous system of humans, which can be thought of as the foundation of human consciousness.

Zhineng Qigong utilizes Qi as a form of information capable of effecting physical changes in targeted areas using Qi Therapy or also called Qigong medicine which Mary describes as “its own medicine (that) it is not even close to western medicine” and she finds it to be “a hard mindset to interrupt”.

The Medical Zhineng Qigong training offered by Mary emphasizes the conscious use of the mind intent to focus inward to transform, to improve, and to enhance life functions and abilities of the body.

Mary describes it in her blog as

“In life, every thought is a blueprint: every thought has direct power over Qi because thoughts contain information, information which then mobilizes Qi energy. Energy then becomes matter. And matter becomes reality.”

Conscious self-healing and healthcare rather than treating symptoms is what many people are looking for.

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As Mary grows her practice day by day, inspires her followers in her blogs and strives with enthusiasm, she looks forward to attending this year’s first International Zhineng Qigong Science Conference where Zhineng Qigong enthusiasts from around the world will unite, share and grow together:

To be in the same space with the different masters and their students, all coming together is quite powerful, it will be amazing.

Be inspired by Mary:

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Interested in becoming a Hunyuan Qi Therapist yourself?

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  • Modul I: 2020, Cyprus (EU) | October 18 – October 31
  • Modul II: 2021, China, Qingcheng Mountains | June 12 – June 25
  • Module III: 2022, Austria (EU) | June – exact dates to be confirmed

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Ending this blog with an inspirational quote by Nei Ye, an extract taken from “Overview of Zhineng Qigong Science” by Prof. Pang Ming.

“Where essential Qi is gathered, things are vitalized. (…) Qi cannot be stopped with force, but can be settled with virtue. It cannot be called upon with voice, but can be greeted with mind.  Guard it with respect, lose it not, and this is called accomplished virtue.”