Self-study Modules

Our Hunyuan Qi Therapy Self-study Modules consist of dedicated study and practice material that was created to give students the opportunity for remote studying.  You are invited to learn at your own pace while being able to carry on with personal, work, or family-related commitments.

The reading material as well as selected audio- and video material has been carefully compiled to prepare students for the online- and on-site modules, and support students with their own practice at home between the modules.  The material provided will give you the necessary tools for effective and inspiring self-study time.

Please note that completing certain self-study modules will be a prerequisite for continuing with respective online modules.  More details to follow upon registration.

  • Module Self-Study 1: What is true health?
  • Module Self-Study 2: Zhineng Qigong Level 1
  • Module Self-Study 3: The power of consciousness
  • Module Self-Study 4: The meridian system of the body