Our innovative Hunyuan Qi Therapy Online Modules present essential theories and methods of Zhineng Qigong Science |  Hunyuan Qi Therapy in a compact, interactive and passionate way. They have been carefully designed to enable live yet remote learning while benefiting from a personalized, collaborative experience.

Online Modules

The online modules are presented under the “Life Changer by Hunyuan Qi Therapy” umbrella, a system of online programs that had been creatively developed by Master Yuantong Liu and Britta Stalling with the aim to virtually support and empower people from around the world. 

The majority of the online sessions offered are open to the public, thus creating an opportunity for our students to study and engage with real clients in an online environment.

  • Module Online:  “Hunyuan Qi Therapy Fundamentals”
    • Next available date:
      March 1 – 20, 2024
  • Module Online: “Ancient Wisdom – Zhineng Qigong Level 1” ***
    • Next available date:
      December 1 – 20, 2023

*** Attending this online module is a prerequisite to participate in Module On-site 1: Foundation

  • Module Online: “The Five Immune Systems in Zhineng Qigong”
    • Next available date: 
      Sept 1 -20, 2023

Please note that these modules will be repeated every year, additional dates will be announced in due course