Meet in Cyprus (EU) for the

Foundation Module!

Cyprus provides the perfect setting for our Qigong therapy program. Our Foundation Module is set against the backdrop of this breathtaking Mediterranean Island, known for its serene landscapes and captivating retreats. The first On-site training module teaches the methods and skills of Hunyuan Qi Therapy. During this module you will learn Qigong practice techniques and study fundamental theories of Qi medicine based on Zhineng Qigong Science.

A Place of Peace and Serenity

Nature plays a profound role in cultivating external Hunyuan Qi. While our venue is a tranquil sanctuary, it offers a unique opportunity to reconnect to the surrounding world. Nestled within the azure Mediterranean sea and sun-kissed beaches, there is an immersion of oneself in a peaceful nature. While learning the theories and practices of Hunyuan Qi therapy there is an immersion in primeval knowledge and skill. Learn from professionals in Qigong, your facilitators Master Yuantong Liu and Britta Stalling.

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Prerequisites for On-Site Foundation Module

Before the start of our Foundation On-Site Module, we invite you to study the training videos for the “Hold Qi Up Pour Qi Down” method & complete the Self-study modules 1 and 2. This provides you with a great sense of preparation. It allows you to familiarize yourself with important theories and practices, which we will explore in depth.

If your schedule does not allow, you can study this material after meeting in Cyprus (EU).

Listen while you scroll

Hunyuan Lingtong – All is already successful

This audio was recorded during one of the sightseeing trips during the Foundation Module. The HYQT Team were singing on the bus and we invite you to absorb the magic we created, in- and outside of the training room.

Meet again in Austria to

Complete & Certify!

In this module you’ll dive deep into the core of Hunyuan Qi Therapy. This Completion Module is your opportunity to solidify your skills and enrich your knowledge. The training empowers you with the expertise required to excel in this self-healing art. Build your trust and confidence by working with real clients – and become certified, igniting your path toward being a successful Health & Well-being Coach.

Real-World Application

What sets this module apart, is that you apply your learning, skills, and abilities and witness the results. Here, you’ll enjoy the unique privilege of treating external clients with Qi therapy. At the same time, these clients will be participating in a Holistic Health retreat. In this authentic and transformative environment, you gain experience and confidence – using this as a tool for your professional journey.

A Confidence Boost

We believe in learning by doing. This module encourages you to put everything you’ve learned into practice, fostering a deep sense of trust and confidence in your skills and abilities. As you navigate real client interactions, you’ll solidify your understanding and build the confidence to make a genuine impact. The Completion & Certification Module is your gateway to becoming a certified Hunyuan Qi Therapy practitioner.


It’s not just a culmination of your training; it’s a springboard to a rewarding career in holistic health, if this is your choice and intention. Learn how others have used their skills here.

Resources provided for You

Our resources work in harmony to empower you with knowledge and techniques needed to harness the healing potential of Hunyuan Qi therapy. The program offers a multi-faceted approach to holistic health. Throughout the in-person modules you will be guided and trained directly by Master Yuantong Liu and Britta Stalling. After the retreat, you can continue to enrich your knowledge. Provided within these modules is an array of comprehensive learning materials. You will receive life-long access to training manuals, training audios and videos.