By registering for this training program the participant is liable and responsible for his/her own health and any risks involved. It is advised that he/she contacts a doctor prior to registering if unsure about his/her own health status.


  • I understand that the program facilitators are no medical doctors and do not diagnose, analyze, assess, evaluate, examine, treat, or medicate, neither do they cure or prevent any mental or medical disorder/disease.
  • I understand that the program facilitators are certified Hunyuan Qi Therapists, qualified to teach theories, skills, abilities and practices based on Zhineng Qigong Science.
  • I further understand that Zhineng Qigong Science | Hunyuan Qi Therapy is not a substitute for effective standard medical or psychotherapy treatment.
  • I understand that practicing Zhineng Qigong Science | Hunyuan Qi Therapy may cause temporary physical, emotional or mental reactions which we commonly refer to as “Qi reactions”. These reactions can occur when qi within the body begins to restructure itself and transform as part of the self-healing process. It is my responsibility to make the program facilitators aware of any reactions I experience during or after the program.
  • I understand that the Hunyuan Qi Therapy Training Program operates under total confidentiality. The program facilitators and any other practitioners will not discuss or release any information regarding my health status, unless permission has been granted in writing.

By signing this consent form I am acknowledging that:

  • I have read and understand the above information.
  • Any and all questions or concerns have been addressed to the program facilitators
  • I am giving my consent to Hunyuan Qi Therapy training by a certified program facilitator
  • I understand that in no way does the Hunyuan Qi Therapy Training program replace care by a qualified medical doctor Finally, I understand that the facilitators of the Hunyuan Qi Therapy Program, namely Master Yuantong Liu, Britta Stalling and any other certified team members, do not give any guarantee regarding the health benefits or health status resulting from Hunyuan Qi Therapy sessions.