What would you like to ask a Qigong Master?

What would you like to ask a Qigong Master?

By Britta Stalling

Let´s suppose that a Qigong master is visiting you and you could ask him any question. What would you like to ask him?

In 2014, I had that opportunity. I had just returned from China after Zhineng Qigong trainings in Meishan and Hainan, when Master Yuantong Liu was arriving in Cape Town. We were looking forward to an international 5-day Hunyuan Qi Healing Retreat where he was eager to share his vast knowledge and skills about the beautiful Zhineng Qigong Science natural self-healing theories and methods with new friends from around the world.

Two days after this workshop, I had to deliver an article for a German magazine that I regularly write for. The topic: how to ignite a state of inner peace. This time, I had not yet written a word, so I decided to ask Master Liu about his ideas of inner peace – and done was my column. While we shared a nice dinner to celebrate the many success stories from our five-day workshop, I began my interview: “Master Liu, with many people complaining about stress and anxiety, what is your suggestion to create an inner state of peace?” Liu did not hesitate one second and replied:

“You are joyful in every moment of your life, no matter the activities and events, no matter what is happening.”

Hmmmh, I thought that sounds easier than it is for most of us to put into practice. Thus, I continued. “But Master Liu, many of us have real health, personal or professional issues. How can I enjoy myself even in these moments of pain and despair?” Again, the answer came like a shot:

“Everything that happens to us is a lesson of life. Even the dark sides can be our teachers. If we do not learn from them, they repeat themselves. There is basically nothing wrong or bad. Everything is perfect.”

Okay, I thought, this does make sense. However, it still was not clear to me why so many people experience so many challenges on the way to complete balance and inner harmony and to staying on top of things.

“People focus too much on the past. It’s as if you point with the head to the rear while you are driving your car. Also most of the people are too preoccupied with the results of their future visions and intentions. Thus they are distracted and cannot enjoy the beauty and joy of the moment.  Many people think they need to meditate more or find tranquillity while retreating from the daily life activities”

Master Liu explains further. “Inner peace is not found in silence.” Now I was stunned, as this was actually exactly what I was aiming for with my daily Zhineng Qigong practice!

“To enjoy life and to experience joy in every moment, THAT’S the inner peace that the people are longing for,” explained Master Liu with a benevolent smile. “

Open your heart and your mind completely for everything that happens in your life, then you are in peace, serenity and harmony naturally. The universe itself is peaceful. Enjoy everything in your life – that is peace.”

Full of new inspiration, I brought Master Liu to the airport the next day, truly feeling the inner peace and that everything is perfect and well.

If you would meet him, what questions would you have for him?