Module 2

Module 2

Bama - China

The module in China provides a rare opportunity to experience the birthplace and home of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and will root your understanding in Zhineng Qigong’s origins.

You will meet Master Liu as well as other inspirational Zhineng Qigong masters, while insights into Traditional Chinese Medicine, the meridian system, a broad foundation in Zhineng Qigong science and deep practice will support you in your progress.

This module will take place in the resort town of Bama in southern China’s Guangxi region, known for its dramatic mountain landscapes and outdoor recreation. The area is a true highlight of any travel to China, with the Chinese themselves calling this village the “most healthiest place offering the secrets to longevity”!

Researchers believe that the non-materialistic culture, hard labour, geographical terrain, climate, diet and social background are contributing factors to Bama’s secret of longevity.

In Bama, the villagers dwell along the Panyang River in a mountainous area that has an average temperature of 20.5°C. Abundant rainfall throughout the year contributes to the high ratio of negative ions in the air which strengthens resistance to diseases, increases metabolism and stabilises blood pressure.

A soup made from hemp seed is said to be good for the stomach and intestines, and can ease pain, lower blood pressure and control asthma.

Some studies showed that the earth’s magnetic field in Bama is so strong that it can improve blood circulation, and the water in the area contains a great amount of minerals and microelements which are good for the body.

It is truly one of the planet’s top destinations to marvel at the abundance of nature’s Qi.

Skills And Theory Training

  • Use of the Consciousness – going deeper
  • The New Point of Life (Theory and training)
  • Break Down the habits and perspective of frames
  • The Structure of Human Body
  • The meridian channels of the Human Body
  • Basic information about the Five Elements
  • The secrets of Qi Healing
  • The Nervous System
  • Distinctions of the Immune System: Physical, Medical, Body Qi field, Emotional and Consciousness
  • How to improve the immune system
  • Causes, processes and locations of diseases (Part 2)
  • The three level of Substances philosophy
  • Skills of Hunyuan Qi Therapy
  • Hunyuan Qi Therapy Method training
  • Neck exercise training
  • Core Improvement training
  • Parts of Zhineng Qigong Level 2 Body & Mind training
  • Distance Healing – Skills and practice
  • Holding the Body Qi Field Training – Going deeper
  • Second level of Hold Qi Up, Pour Qi Down Training

Program Dates for 2019-2021

Module 2

May 03, 2020 (Arrival: May 02) to May 16, 2020

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